Working out in Michaela's group class has made me so much stronger. One year ago, I was still struggling to get through the reps of the first set while everyone else was moving on to the next. Now, one year later, I can do all the exercises and all the required reps and be ready for the next round! Everyone has to start somewhere and I have learnt that consistency pays off.
Rural Fitness Group Class Member



Since 2013 I have been working with Michaela attending her boot camps and weekly classes. In addition to being very knowledgeable in her field, Michaela quickly understands her students’ goals and continually provides advice and varied movements. She incorporates flexibility, strength, posture, balance and endurance along with most recently promoting a healthy eating regime through her Rural Fitness newsletter. At her boot camps, she is encouraging without being too lenient and caters to all levels of fitness. She constantly motivates us to move through the difficult movements. Most importantly – she ensures we are doing the moves correctly and reinforces how it will benefit us when done right. Keep up the awesome encouragement are a fabulous coach!
Rural Fitness Group Class Member



I started my journey in August, Michaela designed a 6 week workout schedule for me that included 20 minute workouts with variety that I could do at home on my time. They were easy to follow and if I had questions Michaela was always there to answer. I felt motivated to do after a few go's just knowing I could do it! I would strongly recommend to anyone! Thank You Michaela for getting me started in the right direction!



Michaela at Rural Fitness is, in my opinion, on the road to making a difference in how we see our health and wellness in the future, especially in a rural community. How can you be healthy here without a gym, a yoga instructor, a walking path, etc? I had started my own journey a few months ago with healthy eating and knew I needed to compliment that with some activity, but other than bike riding, which is quite seasonal, what was I going to do? Then I had a talk with Michaela. I knew she did some group exercise and I was not ready to display myself just yet. So we discussed the personal trainer approach. Michaela spent time getting to know me, who I am and who I want to be. My past health, my current health, my aches and pains. She introduced me to workouts based on me. A combination of movements that work for me that I feel good doing. Then we spent time working through the program. Now it was up to me. She didn't push me or check in daily to nag me, she was just there, a text or call away. And weekly she was my inspiration. Even when I fell off for 2 weeks, she just supported me and congratulated me on what I did do and on my continued effort to want to be healthy. She made me realize it was up to me, my journey, my health, and that she would be there by my side anytime I needed her. This is part of what sets Michaela apart from other programs, her heart is in this for the sake of our health. I believe Michaela is here to show us that aging in a rural community can and should be a healthy road trip. My course is now completed and I have gained a program that can work for me forever, and I have gained a friend that I know I can always come back to for moral support in my journey. Thank you Michaela.



I was looking for a change of pace from my regular at home workouts so I decided to hire Michaela as my personal instructor in August of 2016. I have been attending Michaela’s group fitness classes for the past 2 years and have always loved them so I figured she would make a great personal trainer and boy was I right! She met with me; we went over my strengths/weaknesses, things I wanted to work on; physically and mentally, any restrictions I may have (injuries etc). We also talked about nutrition. Michaela never used the word “diet” or told me that I need to restrict or completely cut out anything but instead she encouraged me to follow a healthy meal plan and to be more conscious of the things I put into my body. To think of food as fuel for my body rather than mindlessly eating foods that have no nutritional value. But also, that we need to enjoy life and the odd indulgence is not going to make or break you! I loved the workout plans that Michaela tailored for me! They were quick, (usually no more than 30 mins) effective and challenging yet still very “do-able”! I didn’t have to go out any buy and new equipment; she designed the workouts around what I already had at home! We never did one on one work outs but if I ever had a question or needed advice she was only one call, text, email or snapchat away! She checked in on me almost daily to see if I had completed my workout. She was never pushy or judgmental but instead encouraging! The 6 weeks of training I did with Michaela were more of a mental transformation then physical for me. Although the workouts kicked my butt and I did see some physical changes, I continue to work on my physical strength daily but building my mental strength has been an ongoing and the biggest challenge of all! Michaela gave me a great base of positive thinking, daily affirmations and a strong self-love that I continue to implement daily! She has opened my eyes to a complete new realm of healthy living that is soooo much more than just physical! If you’re looking for an encouraging, inspirational, smart, fun, kind (but tough when it matters) all around great person and personal trainer then look no further, Michaela is your girl! Thanks Michaela!