I want to ask you a couple of questions, and as you read them, stop for a moment to really think about each one and be aware of your state of mind.

How do you feel about the impending snow, cold weather, dark mornings and nights that are fast approaching? Rink groups, hockey/skating and holidays are all coming, will you be busy this winter?

Did you play winter sports as a child? Who took you to your practices, games and tournaments? Did you make life long friends from the teams you were apart of?

With the first question did you feel upset that summer is behind us, cold mornings and starting our vehicles in the snow. Did you start to get overwhelmed about the busy schedule thats coming up? And in the second question did you start to think about your loved ones that were with you every weekend taking you to your next event. Did it bring back memories, and maybe make you smile?

With the above questions you probably went through different emotions, just by the questions I asked you.

So I’ll end this long post with this; what questions are you asking yourself in each situation you come across.

Do you focus on the negative or the positive?


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